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Portable Physio Solutions

Perfectly portable professional physical therapy line. Extremely light and durable inflatable products.

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Portable inflatable tables for physical therapy and ostheopathy


Portable inflatable mattresses for phycical therapy outdoor


Portable pneumatic chairs, created for a smooth recovery.

Nubis Stool

Professional accessory for improved physical therapy experience

Trusted by Benny Vaughn

Benny Vaughn Nubis
“The Nubis Table exceeds my success requirements for a portable table that is well designed with innovations that reflect a quantum mind-shift in sports massage therapy! A portable therapy table that you can both adjust the firmness of the table and the height of the table is a super winner.

When personally transporting the Nubis table, it fits neatly and securely into a customized trolley bag with a backpack carry feature included. The Nubis table is the answer to my longing for a portable massage table that I can easily transport, free of "oversized luggage" charges from airlines. This is a most welcome financial relief for travel to sports events. Now I am investing in the Nubis table and saving thousands of dollars in airline transport fees”
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Benny Vaughn LMT, NCTMB, ATC, LAT
Leader and innovator in Massage Therapy, USA Track and Field
Sports Medicine Staff for 5 Olympic Games
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