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Fiona Blair
Our clients have been using the recovery chair for a few weeks now, and the feedback is genuinely positive. They say they feel the difference in their muscle recovery compared to before, and honestly, I can see it in their performance. The chair itself isn't complicated, it's straightforward to set up, which is a big deal for us given how busy our center gets. We've seen notable changes in our clients' post-workout and post-treatment recovery. The chair's design seems to position them in such a way that maximizes blood flow and muscle relaxation. Our clients have reported feeling less sore and more ready to get back into action after using it.
Aditya Gupta
As someone who organizes sports events, I've got a lot on my plate. The last thing I need is more complicated gear. That's why I was so pleased with the recovery chair. First off, the chair inflates super fast; we're talking just one minute, and it's ready to go. I've seen athletes genuinely benefit from the targeted muscle recovery it offers. I liked that the chair on the website could be customised and added my logo.
Marie Dupont
The Nubis chair really fits well with what we're doing here at our sports recovery center. The chair's design makes it comfortable and effective for muscle recovery, which aligns with our science-backed methods. I especially like how it works smoothly with other equipment. The chair can be packed down into an easily transportable backpack, which makes it super convenient for us to move it around or even take it to events. Given how well this chair has been performing, we're actually planning on buying more Nubis equipment soon.
Patrick Barnes
We're constantly on the hunt for innovative ways to aid in athlete recovery. The chair is shaped in a way that helps with body alignment, which seems to make muscle recovery more effective. We also placed our clinic's logo on the chair and it looks great in all orange brand colors. We like to have it in our treatment plans and are confident that it's making a significant difference in our clients' recovery journeys.
Calvin Riggs
Our athletes are really pleased with these recovery chairs. We've tried various other brands, but the way this chair helps with body positioning is different. They say they can actually feel their muscles recover quicker, especially when used with compression sleeves. And for us staff, cleaning it is easy, which is important given our hygiene protocols.
Emma Dubois
So, the chair comes with an electric pump, which is very convenient, but I also additionally purchased a hand pump. I use the electric pump when I'm at home and want to set things up fast. Just plug it in, hit the button, and boom, ready to go. But for times when I'm not near an outlet, the hand pump is perfect. It takes a bit of elbow grease, but it gets the job done. The chair also fits snugly into this nifty backpack, so I can take it wherever I go. It's details like these that catch my attention.
Logan Rousseau
In our medical center, we're super focused on making sure our athletes recover well and fast. You can really tell a difference in muscle recovery when athletes use the recovery chair. The way the chair positions the body helps muscles relax and regenerate way better, especially when we pair it with our other gear like compression sleeves or massage guns. I also have to give props for how easy the chair is to use. It’s up and ready in about a minute.
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